Sam (Owner)

What I love about the hair industry is being able to make people feel confident and happy. Therefore, having the opportunity to portray my art through my work helps me enhance my creativity even more.
3 words my friends would describe me would be funny, confident and social.
My hobbies are gym, swimming and outdoor activities.



What I love about the hair industry is making people feel their best self, it makes me happy to see others happy and feeling beautiful and sexy! 

3 words that my friends would describe as: funny, bubbly and ambitious.

My hobbies include shopping, traveling and spending time in the mountains!



What I love about the hair industry is seeing all the transformations and making every client feel beautiful.

3 words that my friends would describe me would be extra, fashionable and organized

My hobby is going on shopping spree's!



My favourite thing about the hair industry is being able to impact individuals relationship with themselves. Seeing you smile bigger, walk taller and being apart of re-instilling confidence by doing what I love. 

My friends would describe me as passionate, diligent and genuine 

My current hobbies are furthering my education in all things hair, spending time with my little pug, and caring/learning about plants!



My favorite thing about the hair industry is seeing people leaving the salon with a smile on their face and feeling like themselves. Adding in some of my own creative touches to every style is what I live for. 

My friends would describe me as upbeat, outgoing & creative 

My hobbies include outdoor
activities, art & of course hair!



What I love about working in the body contouring industry is to help make women feel more comfortable and confident in their own bodies.

3 words my friends would describe me would be kind, honest and loveable.

My hobbies are fashion and interior decorating.



My favorite thing about the ever growing beauty industry is the amount of treatments that help promote confidence. Nothing makes me happier than knowing I can make my clients feel great about themselves. 

3 words to describe me: honest, caring and passionate. 

Hobbies: watching my boys play hockey



I love being in the hair industry because it has given us the opportunity to build amazing relationships & connections with clients.

I also love the fact that we can make such positive impacts on one's level of confidence.

3 words my friends would describe me would be hilarious, uplifting and sincere. My hobbies are traveling, eating and hiking.



Stylist at Logix Hair who has 20+ years of
experience. I enjoy working with my clients to create unique looks that they
feel great in. I love to modernize classic looks to make them fun & wearable for the woman-on-the-go. I’ve colored and cut it all. I
attend numerous continuing-ed classes to always be knowledgeable of the
best and healthiest techniques to use. When not doing hair, I can be
found at the gym and also love to travel and explore the world!



Chelsey is our Front Coordinator of Logix and also has experience and
passion for hair, and will pursue her hair career in the future! The best way
to describe Chelsey is very social and is a hard worker. She is dedicated to
achieve her goals and dreams!!



Best way to describe Chloe is outgoing, bubbly and proffesional. She is always eager to learn and advance her skills.

Chloe has a passion for hair and loves playing with color and new techniques.