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Bain Hydronation Douceur

Bain Hydronation Douceur

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Gentle hydrating sulfate free shampoo for curly hair. Helps with all curly hair types, from curly, very curly, to coil curled hair. Gently cleanses scalp and hair without removing natural oils and intensely moisturizes curls.

  • Gently cleanses hair scalp and hair removing all dirt, impurities, pollution and buildup.
  • Infuses curls with vital hydration with no weigh down.
  • Preserves natural hair oil & promotes healthy scalp environment to allow hair growth.
  • Enhances curl definition & volume.
  • Boosts curl radiance.
  • +46% Nutrition / Hydration (EU)
  • +33% softness (EU) / Hydration (USA)
  • 2x shinier
  • +30% curl definition
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